Printed Kate Greenaway A Catalogue Raisonne by Schuster and Engen


Printed Kate Greenaway

Schuster, Thomas E. & Engen, Rodney K.
(ISBN: 0951175203)

This book is one that I use al lot to referencing Kate Greenaway cards. It has an extensive list of card sets along with many pictures. In addition to the cards it also details many other Greenaway items.

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Summary of the book

This is the first fully comprehensive reference book on Kate Greenaway. The catalogue lists over 600 major items, with hundreds of variants.

It is divided into 4 main headings:
(1) Published Books - over 200 main headings listed by title, with bibliographical details, variant bindings, as well as a Posthumously Published section listing Greenaway items issued after 1901;

(2) Greeting Cards - over 60 complete sets listed by title, variant verses and printings, each set and variants illustrated in colour. Calendars, Trade Cards, Book Plates are also listed;

(3) Periodicals - over 100 magazines with Greenaway illustrations are listed;

(4) Ephemera and Spinoffs - a large selection of Greenaway-inspired piracies, jewellery, pottery to indicate the Greenaway vogue.

In addition a comprehensive chronology of the artist's life and work is included, alongside an extensive series of bibliographies to aid the student and collector. Includes indexes listing works by Author-Subject-Title