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Reference list of prices obtained for Cards illustrated by Kate Greenaway (Pictures & Prices). This list gives a representative of what they can sell for (however it all depends on the demand) . Check them out here

New Images added  Goodall 505 Series , 1884 Calendar , 1889 Calendar  and some variations to cards in the Children In Ulsters series.

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Kate Greenaway illustrations and items have become very collectable over the years. These collectable items include

  • Victorian Cards ( Greeting Cards , Christmas Cards , Valentine Cards , Birthday Cards, Antique Cards , New Year Cards ) 
  • Menus
  • Victorian Calendars ( also Trade Card Calendars)
  • Ephemera (Stationary, Papers / letters signed by Kate Greenaway)
  • Books  
  • Playing Cards 
  • Vintage and Modern ceramics (Figurines and plates made by the likes of ROYAL DOULTON , FRANKLIN MINT etc.) 
  • Buttons
  • Dolls

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Victorian Greting Cards, Calendars and Trade Cards

This site is dedicated to Victorian Greeting Cards , Victorian Calendars and Victorian Trade Cards. The majority of these victorian cards , calendars & Victorian trade cards have been illustrated by Kate Greenaway. However this site also contains other cards, calendars & trade cards that have been illustrated by a variety of artists from the Victorian era.

Random Image from Cards, Books or the Almanack section

Help save the planet by reducing you ecological footprint

Help save the planet by reducing you ecological footprint

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