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Trade Cards

What we know today as trade cards are basically advertising cards. With the development of colour lithography in the 1870’s these cards became a common means of advertising.

During the Victorian period collecting trade cards and adding them to scrapbooks became a very popular hobby (you can soon get an idea of how many are around by having a look on sites like ebay). 
Nearly all products at some time were advertised on trade cards, however some of most popular products included medicine (many wonderful cures), sewing machines and sewing related items, food items, clothing, and stoves.

By the early 1900’s the popularity of trade cards had declined with the advent of other forms of advertising.

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Trade Cards
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This site is dedicated to Victorian Greeting Cards , Victorian Calendars and Victorian Trade Cards. The majority of these victorian cards , calendars & Victorian trade cards have been illustrated by Kate Greenaway. However this site also contains other cards, calendars & trade cards that have been illustrated by a variety of artists from the Victorian era.

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Help save the planet by reducing you ecological footprint

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